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Now, we all should know by now that this isn't meant to be taken in the awesome funny as usually. It's meant in the shitty funny, and the shitty funny works if you allow it to. Those who know that this was intentionally done as crap will find it funny and anxiously await the true Volume 8. Those who can't appreciate the shit simply are just not tolerant to it and should just stay out.

BTW, the music at the beginning and end were genius. Excellent work.

Sonic Heroes will always have a soft spot for me because it was my first 3D Sonic game. And the simply made my day when I saw it. You guys are all amazing. Great work and keep it up.

Great tribute

Very impressive work. Animation-wise and drawing-wise, it was rather simplistic. But the depiction of the fight, in conjunction with the actual sound clips were very impressive. Nicely done.

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Normally, I wouldn't bother writing a review for a hentai game. But this is one game I make the exception to. I've played this game almost since I joined Newgrounds when it was in one of its demo stages. The set up for talking to the girls is simple, yet effective for a simulation flash game. The expanded content by means of the driving, swimming, fighting, dress-up, and Model Manager minigames give the game additional life from what would just be point and click. And the various paths and endings you can take are very much fun. I've got only two endings left to get in this game (Pure Love Tomoko and Blackspear), but I have no doubt they'll be as enjoyable as the other endings, which were very touching (in the way a lot of romance animes tend to be whenever the lead male begins to reflect on his releationships).

The way you prize the players is excellent as well. The use of hidden cutscenes via the hentai level can be very rewarding if the player does things right. And using the Model Manager minigame to level up the girls in favor of having a checklist each day makes the system and reaching the two prizes specific to it (Pageant and Gravure Idol) so much more fun.

There are a few aspects I do think are a bit bothersome. Although I can understand the challenge intended by having the items during the fighting and swimming minigames clickable, having no shortcuts available does make it annoying if you play the game on a laptop mouse pad (specifically swimming; fighting gets away with it because of the way it is set up). I can understand wanting players to shift between clicking for an action and clicking for an item, but a small shortcut would be nice to. To balance the challenge, you could have it so that (if possible with flash) you have to hold the button down for approx 1 second before being able to continue or force the players to wait a second if using a shortcut button.

Other than that, I think this is one of the better dating sim games out there. It's very expansive, simple to play, and offers a rather great story for a hentai category game. Your 10 years working on this game paid off. There are probably aspects of the game that could be considered faults, but the overall game is still a very enjoyable experience. Great work with this. Time will tell if you can replicate the success with the sequel. Good luck.

sim-man responds:

nothing prize a game maker better than a well-thought-out review.

Not the best, but a pretty good successor

Ever since I came to Newgrounds, I had enjoyed the original Sonic Boom Cannon and later on found the sequel to be so much fun with the expanded content. Now you bring us a brand new Boom Cannon and decide to take the 3D approach. It was a interesting concept, but the constant turning eventually gets really boring and unamusing, leaving you with nothing more than the same game as usual that "turned" every now and then. I was also disappointed that there weren't many Mini-Games aside from the secret ending, which wasn't as fun as the other minigames in Boom Cannon 2, nor was it all that challenging; felt more like mashing the z button and the arrow keys than an actual fight.

However, as opposed to some of the others here, I actually appreciate the reduction of characters in the roster. With the exception of Super Sonic being absent from the list this time, I'm pretty happy with the selection made. The brand new power-ups you made were also well created and added a new, fun gimmick to the Boom Cannon series (only the 'Free Turn' went by unused for the most part, mostly me not caring for the 3D gameplay). You returned the use of the shields in this game, which was very welcoming. And the removal of the daily shop in favor of an all accessible shop was much more appreciated. I also like how you implemented a time gimmick into the game by determining the time of the level and the character used for the final fight by the use of the clock.

So basically, it's a game that takes the same formula as before and attempts something different. While in my opinion it doesn't succeed at what it tried to do, it's still a great cannon launch game in its own right. Props to you. If for some reason you do decide to make another cannon game (Sonic based or not), stick to the 2D or find a way to make it so you can angle your shots and bounce off of walls.

My highest score at the time of this post was 92964 using the Wechidna (the glitch Knuckles from Knuckles Chaotix)

Xanadu32 responds:

I respect you so much right now. It is rare to see a well thought out review these days. Especially on Newgrounds... unfortunately... but in any case, thank you for the good words and justified opinions.

I might read this review a few more times, who knows, it may give me the drive to get back into flash... truth be told, I haven't truly touched it since I released this game.

Once again, Thankyou~

Excellent game

This is my second time playing it, this time on Newgrounds and with the achievements. The game is loads of fun, very creative, and fairly challenging. I applaud to you.

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Heard it while playing MegaTankMan. Great song man. Really does sound like an authentic Mega Man song.


I can tell you remixed Alien Ant Farm's version of Smooth Criminal. It was great. Good work.

I have an another answer to your question

Since Michael isn't the songwriter for Thriller, there may have been some legal issues if he continued to use it. He managed to get it for early versions of the Genesis version and the Japanese Mega Drive version.

Anyway, very nice loop dude.

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Very nice

You have a great drawing ability man. Keep it up.

Out of everything we have in this world, Time is the one thing we never recover. That's why I don't waste my time when it comes to anything and get as much done in one blow. Plus you never know what you will miss. Remember that while you roam the Net.

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